God Speaks(Part III) – Through Holy Spirit, Repeated messages, Symbols and Nature.

The third part of “God speaks” showcases ways in which God speaks through the Holy Spirit, repeated messages, symbols, and nature. ·      Through prompting of the Holy Spirit:         We read in Galatians 4:6 that the Holy Spirit resides in every born again child of God, and He teaches, reminds, guides us in all truth; [...]

Turn your Stumbling blocks into Stepping stones

Photo credit: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/146789269075578561/?lp=true Abraham’s great grandson Joseph, was very young when he received the wonderful promise of God concerning his life’s purpose. This was revealed to him in two different dreams with same meaning. But he had to go a long way by enduring the hardships in pit, in slavery and in prison to reach [...]

Memory Stones-Do you have one?

Memory stones: RECORD OF TESTIMONIES ·      Joshua took 12 stones (representing 12 tribes) out of Jordan river for the remembrance ,when God heaped up the waters and made the Israelites to cross the river on the dry land (Joshua 3:13). ·       Inside the ark of the covenant were kept one omer (measure) of manna for the remembrance of the Lord’s provision [...]