Testing in Blessings?

TEST’ the word in itself sounds unpleasant. isn’t it? Yes! Whether it may be in academics, health check-up or whatsoever. Proving something may lead to fear, anxiety & nervousness.

Well, I too sometimes test my kids to find their character concerning their love in relationships comparing with worldly things. When my sweet daughter is desperate to have some chocolates I would give her extra money just to know whether she would get one for her brother as well.

Likewise, our hearts and minds are also tested by our heavenly Father (Jeremiah 17:10). Besides other testing elements, He tests our character with worldly blessings, money, fame, etc. This we infer from the life of Hezekiah the king of Judah. The Bible records his history in three different books ( Kings, Chronicles, Isaiah), hence we can understand the importance of this subject.

‘Many people can handle their toughest season well but only a few percentages handle the success well

The sensational king Hezekiah was steadfast in all his lowly state by seeking the Lord, the temple and the fellowship of Prophet (Isaiah) in his utmost discouragement, fear of enemies, trouble, sickness, and life-threatening moment. But these are not God’s chosen time to test Hezekiah. Unexpectantly, He chose to test him when everything seems to be well with him.

When he crossed the valley, his eyes were blinded with pride and failed to respond to the kindness shown to him ( 2 Chron 32:25).In relating to our lives, some believers are constantly dependent on God in all their ways, much careful in their attitude towards others and become so understandable while they go through life’s ordeal. However, in the season of blessings, their hearts become so puffed up that their demeanor, attitude, the way they look at others, judging others dramatically changes. Out of self-righteousness, their actions and talks reveal that they are deserved for the blessings because of their hard work, talents and sometimes, high spiritualism.

‘God left him to test him and to know everything that was in his heart.’

2 Chronicles 32:31.

Why should God leave him in testing hours?

Here, the phrase ‘God left him’ doesn’t mean that God forsakes forever, rather it means that He doesn’t let us sense His presence or prompting or instruction just awhile – to make us know and understand the condition of our own heart just like we do with our kids.

A well-known preacher says ‘there is no double promotion in God’s University. So we have to sit in every class’.Ironically, no one is excluded from the test conducted by God Himself.

The ultimate reason for Him testing is to prove and to promote us to the higher level. His intentions are not to make us fall or to disqualify but the purpose of revealing our own heart’s condition and to cause us to repent and get straightened up. Regular evaluation of our conversations, dealings, motives will keep us intact from falling & failing from whatever source the tests stem.

So, here are the simple ways to preserve us from tumbling in all life’s season– In the next article.

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