Your God is powerful

Have you ever pondered the magnitude of the sky? Or at least have you tried to count the stars and failed after trying to count multiple times until our small brains agree on the fact that it is impossible. But the outnumbered stars are called each by its name by the owner and creator of this universe – an infallible truth the Bible says in Psalm 147:4.

If He, the Jehovah can remember each star by its names, will He ever forget yours and mine who are created brilliantly in His own image?

Scientists profoundly say that the position of the sun was ordained exactly where it should be that if it had been placed a bit nearer we would have been scorched by the heat & a little afar would freeze us to death.

And did you also know that there are much bigger heavenly bodies than our Sun in space? Let the power of God amuse you! Doesn’t the Sun look like a dot when compared to these( picture below)! How small the Earth would be when compared to this dot-like Sun and how can we refer the size as when we compare ourselves with the huge Earth. And what are we humans, that God is mindful of us and willingly gave up His only Son to die for us? His love for us is absolutely immeasurable as His creations are!

At any point in time, when the fear of future grips you and leads you to unnecessary perplexion, let your mind & heart remember that the God who holds the entire cosmos, holds your future as well. The power of His word clamps the hanging stars and the rest of all heavenly bodies on the expanse without falling. And also by His command, the water does not cross its boundary ( Proverbs 8:29). Who can comprehend the power of His knowledge?

The spectacular view from a flight is just a glimpse of the awestruck handiwork of His unfathomable might. As we fly higher & higher we would lose even the trace of our place which were once gargantuan but now looks teeny tiny, like a play toy before our eyes. We never question the years of experience of the Pilot, neither his capability nor his bad encounters. We neither know who drives sometimes. If we could believe such an untrustworthy human, Why not we begin this year by trusting the One who is all-powerful, never fails, never give up on us or dash us to hell.Yes! He knows every detail of you and wants to be your Master in every area of your life. Trusting Him not only delights His heart but smoothens your heart also, undoubtedly gives you hope (meaning something good/positive is going to happen) and banishes fear.

When a situation makes it hard to believe the best, just the thought of His sovereignty strengthens you to cross over every negative aura. Do believe – the living sovereign Lord knows you by name and He is in control of your surrendered life. Have a good beginning!

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