Memory Stones-Do you have one?


·      Joshua took 12 stones (representing 12 tribes) out of Jordan river for the remembrance ,when God heaped up the waters and made the Israelites to cross the river on the dry land (Joshua 3:13).

·       Inside the ark of the covenant were kept one omer (measure) of manna for the remembrance of the Lord’s provision in the wilderness for the generations of Israelites (Exodus 16:33).

·       Malachi 3:16 says, a book of remembrance was written before God for those who fear Him and who meditate on His name.

Accordingly, what do ‘you’ have for your ‘generations’ to recognize, value, appreciate and cherish the acts of God in your life? What are you leaving behind for your loved ones when you go to the eternal home to be with the Lord. Memory stones will ever speak even in our absence.

It may be either a ‘written testimony’ or even a ‘thing’ to cherish whenever you read or see first for yourself and then for others. Naming it as a ‘mighty instrument’, it will boost up your faith, revives your soul to have hope on God when you are downcast in your despicable situations.

In Psalm 77 ,the psalmist ,in his most troublesome season places many question like ‘Has the Lord forgotten to be gracious? ‘Has His promise failed forevermore? and so on. But in next two verses he says  ‘I will remember the works of the Lord and wonders of of old’ . We also perceive in following scriptures that he was revived by thinking of the miracles ,how God delivered His forefathers from their troubles .he then accumulates all his  busted faith together along with praise rises to confront his worst circumstances boldly.

Likewise, the Lord’s  provision, rewarded faith, answered prayers, dreams, visions, our journey’s ups  and downs with God  in  our life may help countless greatly. And also when we turn back considering our past experiences, the way God led  us thus far,it strengthens tremendously to continue fearless walk with Him.

So,don’t let your personal walk with God be erased as years pass by. Start writing God’s interventions and his miraculous deeds every time consistently.For sure, our records of testimony will encourage us and many others!!!

2 thoughts on “Memory Stones-Do you have one?

  1. Beautifully written.
    So encouraging it’s true how would the my coming generation will know if I do not tell n write.
    What legacy am I leaving behind for my kids.
    With the testimonies their faith will be strengthened.
    Thanks Hannah.


  2. Hannah
    The same who parted the Sea
    The same God made the enemy flee
    The same God who gave His people glee
    Will give His grace in abundance free

    Am blessed


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