Lifestyle of Worship – Living Your Purpose

The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me. Psalm 138:8

All of us on this planet has a purpose and hence we are here. Let me tell you why I’m confident about this.

Genesis 1 says when our God created the Heavens and the Earth and everything else in it, He saw that everything He created was good. So, nothing was created randomly but with a good purpose, which we can witness even today.

We are here on this planet not by accident but by His eternal plan and purpose.

Have you retrospectively analyzed why and what I am here for?

If you observe the life of Jesus in the book of the Gospels, every action and interaction that He was involved in had a purpose. Hence Jesus said, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work”.

What we can learn here is that everyone has been sent into this world with an assignment from the Father that must be finished.

A lifestyle of worship is to have the knowledge that we exist to do the will of the Father and live it.

Many of us may think I am not sure of the purpose of my life.

Don’t worry. Our God reveals the purpose of our life to us in a simple way in Isaiah 43:21, He says “the people I formed for myself that they may proclaim my praise”.

  1. God formed us for himself. That simply means “God Owns Us”.
  2. We are formed to proclaim the praise of the Lord Almighty. What does this mean? In every aspect of our lives, let the praise of God be heard.

While I was studying in the 9th grade, I quit my studies and started working in different places. One fine day when I was selling tea in front of a theatre, I came to my senses and made a prayer and dedicated my life. I prayed, “Father whatever I do, I will praise you and glorify you.”

I didn’t understand that prayer then but I understand it now when I see how God enabled me to glorify Him and praise Him through everything I did since that moment. May it be my education, my work or my life. I remember singing to God in the church 15 years ago (in a small gathering) with an attitude of glorifying Him. I used to sing off scale quite often and didn’t even know to play any instrument.

We might have not figured out our purpose in life or may still be pursuing it, but let me encourage you today to just live and do everything that you are doing right now with an attitude of doing it for the glory and praise of our God. Then God will start unveiling and revealing His purpose for you.

Now when I work as an HR BP in a firm or write songs for the churches, I know my purpose is to proclaim the praises of the living God and lover of my soul, Jesus Christ.

A lifestyle of worship will lead you to purposeful living.

Today take this opportunity to make this prayer in the name of Jesus with the right attitude knowing that the Lord will fulfill His purpose for you and you will do everything to proclaim the praise of God.

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