My Mom’s Story

In the year 1993 my mom was fighting with suicidal thoughts and depression due to various illness in her body and a lot of issues within her marriage. It was at that point that someone invited my mom to a prayer gathering to come and see what Jesus can do for her. She knew nothing about Jesus but as a last resort, she went to this prayer gathering that she has been invited for. And guess what! There was a young man singing songs of Jesus with a big smile on his face and expressing his joy with complete abandon.Out … Continue reading My Mom’s Story

Lifestyle of Worship ā€“ Living Your Purpose

The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me. Psalm 138:8 All of us on this planet has a purpose and hence we are here. Let me tell you why Iā€™m confident about this. Genesis 1 says when our God created the Heavens and the Earth and everything else in it, He saw that everything He created was good. So, nothing was created randomly but with a good purpose, which we can witness even today. We are here on this planet not by accident but by His eternal plan and purpose. Have you retrospectively analyzed why and what I am here … Continue reading Lifestyle of Worship ā€“ Living Your Purpose