Wow! It’s December!

Christians all over the world wait for the whole year to celebrate the auspicious day ‘Christmas’.Cities glow with décor lights even a month before in many Western & European countries. Churches plan for alms, programs, carols .Every home turns vibrant with serial lights, stars, Christmas trees, cakes and so on.

At the same time, we are coming to the closure of 2019  & our hearts are slowly preparing to enter into the new year 2020. Along with all these excitements why don’t we make this festive season even more special, valuable and well-pleasing to God.


A Thanksgiving month”

What for?

*God considered us so special that He left His heavenly glory to be born in human flesh just for you and me

*Christ was born in our hearts -This is the main purpose of Christmas. (Is Jesus born in your heart?)

*Recall all the markable moments from the year beginning until now and Let’s widen our thoughts & magnify our God’s faithfulness for the entire year! (Personal journal would be of great help)

Out of 10 healed lepers, only one returned to thank Jesus. He expectantly asked that man ‘didn’t I heal all 10? Where are the others?”.So let’s be that one man who came back all the way to thank Jesus. Likewise, the wise men who presented gifts to the young child Jesus and worshipped Him, so let’s present the gifts of Thanksgiving to our Savior Jesus-The Messiah.

A beautiful song says “1000 years aren’t sufficient to thank your goodness”.But practically, when we try to list down his blessings to thank Him, we don’t even thank him for a few hours and we run out of words. Sometimes, we forget the goodness of God which also includes protection & prevention from the danger we didn’t sense, experienced or noticed; malignant disease; snares of the devil; losses and the list never ends.

Let’s amplify:

Every second there is a possibility of attack by countless infectious germs in the atmosphere. In that same second, there is also a chance of fatal deaths coz there is no safety inside the house and to the people who walk even in the pedestrian paths. Additionally, the Bible says in 1 Peter 5:8 “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” If each second holds multiple reasons to Thank our Creator, is this life enough to praise His magnificent deeds? Unless God’s hand is upon us we would have never survived to this day in this uncertain world. Surely & purely it is His grace and His mercy that is saving us every single second.

If at all God had not carried you like a father, could you come thus far? He held your hands when you felt alone though you couldn’t sense His presence.  In accomplishments, He too rejoiced with you. He provided all his means to strengthen you when you were downcast by your afflictions(mentally, physically, financially, socially).

For some people who lost their loved ones this year or undergoes very difficult situations right now may find it hard to glorify God. But the praises that arise from such contrite heart are extremely precious, valuable & special. It definitely moves the heart of God.

Despite our conditions, let us be encouraged to thank Him who is able to turn all our sorrows into joyful leaping!

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