Commission 2: Doing God’s Will

I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.

Psalms 40:8

Doing the will of God means doing God’s plan and what He desires . From the above verse, it is clear that unless we do not know the word of God we cannot understand His will.

Bible reveals some of the common will of God are:
· Giving thanks in all things(1 Thessalonians 5:18)
· To be holy(1 Thessalonians 4:3),etc

Each individual has been called to do God’s will to fulfill their respective destiny. This differs from person to person according to God’s purpose in each one’s life. So our part is to choose His perfect will in every step to reach God’s destined goal.

So the challenge is how to find GOD’S WILL?

Since we have been given free will, we sometimes do not know what is His ‘perfect will’ in our lives and we are frightened to take a step wondering what if it is not God’s will.

The people mentioned below either followed their heart’s desire or inspiration of God’s leading or chose the right thing to do in spite of their toughest circumstances in life – when it was sacrificial, not easy, not comfortable, not even appreciatable or acceptable by people around them. These people still impact us by their willful obedience and desire. They would be glad in heaven for the right decision they made on the hardest times that their stories are still inspiring many of us even after so many years.

Ultimate will:
Mary-To bring Jesus the Messiah into the world
Joseph-To accept Mary as his wife and to protect baby Jesus from cruel kings was His commission
Jesus– To die on the cross

The following are those who consented and obeyed to do the will of God in different situations of their life:
Sharriphat widow – Sustained Prophet Elijah during a famine
Little slave girl – Took effort for her master’s healing (who brought her as captive)
Small lad-He thought sharing would be the right thing to do instead of being selfish. Through his generosity God’s supernatural provision had been displayed among multitudes.
Jochebed(Moses’ mother)– Hid baby Moses for 3 months

Everything that seems to be good need not be God’s perfect will:
· Paul was hindered by the Holy Spirit not to do ministry in a particular place at one time because His perfect will is to preach in Macedonia

*Prayer helps to choose God’s intended will: Paul was appointed by God to preach the gentiles even before he was born(Gal 1:15). But he could understand the will of God over his life only when he asked Jesus and waited in prayer for 3 days(Acts 9:1-16)

  • Prayer enables to make the paths straight.
  • Prayer also shuts the unwanted open doors.

*A small sincere prayer in your heart –‘Lord! Help me to do right in this situation’

*Follow peace and wait for God’s movement

* Sometimes we may not know until we step into it. But ready to back off when you sense that it is not your shoe that you have stepped in.

GOD IS EVER LOVING that as we realize that we out of His plan(will) sometimes, He is Almighty to realign if we sincerely feel sorry about it!

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