Setting the mission of Chandrayan 2, the ISRO radically failed to achieve their intended goal on September 7th. As the whole world witnessed the most astounding anxious event, the Vikram lander betrayed us for what it had been trusted for. ISRO’s efforts, experiments and the money spent were totally in vain in a matter of just a few minutes.
But if at all, this mission would have been successful, our country INDIA would have become history makers!

Without the fear of disappointment, ISRO now announced its next mission “Gaganyaan” scheduled to be launched in 2022. Oh! great is the spirit of our scientists. Wishing them the very best !!

Similarly, the wise people all over the world untiringly try the other new things to make a legacy: for their or country’s name to be incredible. Coming to the inventors, we undeniably salute their wisdom of technical brains behind every field that made our life easier and better! And what about freedom fighters? We are extremely grateful for their enormous sacrifice which brought peace to the country – According to the world, their lives’ purpose is meaningful ,utilised and legendary.

And now, what do you think? What’s our God’s viewpoint on every human’s life? Let’s find out our ultimate mission assigned by God to each human born on this earth.

One of the significant Bible verse says,

“And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?

Matthew 16:26 NLT

From this, we infer the truth is that no matter what mighty you achieve in this world, it never profits (benefits) your own soul and cannot save your soul from perishing in hell.

Being a beggar, living disgustingly, the poor & sick Lazarus made it to heaven achieving nothing in this world . Even one of the thieves who deserved hell (hung alongside with Jesus on the cross) made it to heaven in last moment of his life by accepting Jesus as the son of God – Thankfully their lives mission was accomplished. Alas! the rich man failed in spite of all the provisions he had and ended up in torture(Gospel of Luke).

This does not imply that we need to live like a beggar or scared to be rich or wait for the last moment to repent for our sins like that thief- to go to heaven. Now is the time. Even if you are 1 % not sure of your salvation, your life needs to be aligned with the Savior, the living God.

So, here is our strategy-


MONEY REQUIRED TO BE SPENT ON THIS MISSION:Only Faith on the following is needed-
1. Jesus is the son of God-The only true God
2.In the redeeming work of Jesus Christ on the cross for our sins
3.The cleansing power of His blood

EFFORT: None, Just confess your sins with your mouth, ask His forgiveness and Make Jesus Lord of your life.

Unlike Vikram Lander, this strategy would never fail us because those who trust Him(Jesus) will never be ashamed or disappointed! He is the only way to the Father in heaven.
And those who have already triumphed this mission, what is next? Why we are still left on this planet? ( All readers are welcome to post your answers )

-to be continued


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