God Speak (Part IV) – Through insignificant people,Parables,Bible

In this fourth and final part of God speaks, let us contemplate God’s way of speaking through insignificant people,parables,Bible and many more.

Through insignificant people: The story we read in II Kings 5 portrays how God used a little girl servant (who was taken by captive) from Israel to bring healing to Naaman the commander of the army of Syria. This girl recommended Prophet Elisha in Israel for the healing of her new master Naaman. Not letting his ego over rule him, he adhered to her advice with immense humility. As he heeded her voice without despising or rebuking, he received both healing and salvation as well

Bible says that God opened the mouth of a donkey to restrain the madness of its master, Prophet Balaam. Well, this happened when he hardened his heart to obey the perfect will of God.

Likewise, in our day to day life God may use least significant people ,minor in status or position such as servants, subordinates, children, strangers and even people who do not know God as instruments of His “Voice” .We should accept with open heart if what they say is right, considerable, acceptable and of course when it comes in a right manner.

Parables (Circumstances or through what we do) : He chooses this way to teach a lesson in a very simple manner and this is considered to be the most favourite way of teaching of the Lord Jesus in the Gospels.

Once God taught ‘the value of salvation’ to a child of God in a simple way. She spent a lot of money in the construction of her house but was fed up with the poor quality of the work of labourers. That incident made her realize the voice of God literally expressing His own heart ache and how – He feels when His children do not take much care to work out their own salvation which had been bought with His priceless blood.

This way of speaking is instantaneous but outstanding. You will never forget such lessons in your whole life!

Word of God: Above all,the most interesting, delightful and consistent way of God speaking to us daily is through His written word. Truly, the Bible is God talking to us. Some other ways that God speaks are through Pastors, Prophets, Servants of God, and even through Songs and Testimonies. Nowadays, social media holds the solid ground in echoing the voice of God 24*7.

But nothing can be compared of Him speaking DIRECTLY as we wait in His presence. How blessed and privileged are we? We have a God who speaks to us.

So, let our ears be circumcised to hear him and our hearts be prepared to listen the whisper, thunder, love, compassion, might, comfort, counsel, instruction and correction of His voice.

Job 33:14 says” Indeed God speaks once, Or twice, yet no one notices it” NASB.
God speaks in different ways, and we don’t always recognize his voice. CEV

May the Lord grant us the ability to recognise His voice clearly so that we may shun the voice of people, self and Satan immediately. As a father loves to speak to his children so is our heavenly Father who yearns to talk to every one of us ever since we have been born into this world and he does so.
Speak Lord, for your servant listens”

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