God Speaks(Part III) – Through Holy Spirit, Repeated messages, Symbols and Nature.

The third part of “God speaks” showcases ways in which God speaks through the Holy Spirit, repeated messages, symbols, and nature.

·      Through prompting of the Holy Spirit:

        We read in Galatians 4:6 that the Holy Spirit resides in every born again child of God, and He teaches, reminds, guides us in all truth; reveals what is to come!

Yes! It is the Holy Spirit that prompts our hearts to do amazing things according to the will and desire of the heavenly Father!

Once a lady was incessantly prompted by the Holy Spirit to write something on a paper without any reason. She didn’t know what to write until she held her pen. After a while, she started writing some biblical promises that God inspired in her heart at that moment! Within no time, she had a clear instigation to hand that paper to one of the pastors she knew. Later, the pastor told her that only couple of hours before, he had sobered unto God due to frustration in his ministry and wanted to quit.

The promises written on that letter encouraged him and helped him to continue the ministry again! His faith was renewed when the Holy Spirit reminded the exact same promises of God, which He had received at the start of the ministry.

In this case, the lady whom God used to uplift the Pastor, had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and she obeyed instantly! For her, it was the ‘voice of God’ at that moment; while for many others, it may be a heart’s impression, or simply a longing desire to do something.

·     Through repeated messages and symbols:

Often we might come across the same message everywhere. It can also be some symbol (E.g. Palm tree). Now this could be through TV or social media perhaps, or through any medium. Be sure it is the Lord who is trying to summon a very significant message through that repeated sermon or symbol – and we better pay careful attention! The Bible says the repeated message from God, signifies that it is conceived by Him, and that He will bring it to pass! (Genesis 41:32).

·     Through nature:

God showed the stars of the sky and sand of the sea as an example to Abraham to convey His promise. He also used the mighty wind, a worm, an insect, and a great fish, to teach Jonah a lesson.

In one instance, when a woman was worried about her future and her children’s,she went to the nearby garden to converse with God and poured her heart out to Him. And as she was having a dialogue with God silently, the grass in the garden caught her attention suddenly, till she realized that God is actually addressing her fear of the future! In a moment, my burdens disappeared soon as the Lord reminded me about this biblical promise – “Do not worry about tomorrow” from Mathew 6:25-34. Yes, the woman is none other than me!!

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