GOD SPEAKS (Part 2):Dreams [2]

In this second edition of “DREAMS” from “GOD SPEAKS”, we will look at three kinds of dreams, and ways to interpret their source. We will also look at how to deal with each of those dreams!


  1. GOD – Contains meaningful messages, delivers peace, convicts, sometimes warns when God wants to reveal Satan’s schemes (E.g. Accidents)

Though interpretation is a special skill, God’s message in our dreams can be interpreted by only a spiritually strong person with the help of the Bible and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Good understanding of biblical characters, symbols and their significance, is essential. God conveys His message as per our knowledge and understanding. If a dream is beyond our comprehension, He may use other people to interpret it for us. For instance, when Nebuchadnezzar didn’t understand his dream, Daniel interpreted; likewise, Joseph interpreted the dream for Pharaoh, the Cupbearer and the baker. In the case of Abimelech and Laban, God spoke to them directly in a dream.

In Judges 7:10-15, we infer that to encourage and strengthen Gideon’s faith, God showed a dream to an unbeliever Midianite soldier and enabled his companion to interpret the dream for him.

II. SATAN – Traumatizes, induces fear, and paralyses our walk with God, is hopeless and condemning.

Demonic attack in dream:

There is an undeniable possibility wherein demons can attack us through dreams. Few reasons are persistent disobedience to God, holding grudge, adulterous nature, inclination to pornography, practicing idol worship, witchcraft, black magic, Ouija board (talking to the dead), tarot card, watching horror movies etc. Certain people in their dreams, might even have spiritual husbands or wives, who are not their own! It is actually Satan, who disguises himself in the form of that man or woman. However, not all scary dreams are Satanic!

III. OUR OWN THOUGHTS – Meaningless, confusing, void (Ecclesiastes 5:7)

Appear when we worry too much (Ecclesiastes 5:3 NIV),

Many businesses (KJV),

Much effort (AMP),

Much activity (NKJV)


·       First step – Prayer brings clarity. Every dream requires insights and understanding, irrespective of its nature and source, and prayer helps bring that!

If you’ve dreamt of any danger – pray to God to stop that danger from materializing

Or, if a dream is seemingly meaningful, pleasant and promising – pray for its fulfillment!

And still if there’s no clarity on the source of the dream – Pray

If it is from the Lord, you will encounter the dream again (Genesis 41:32)

·     Rebuke when you realize the dream is from Satan

·     Spend time and meditate on the word of God if you are being tormented frequently by dreams. It is the best habitual lifestyle in order to have a peaceful sleep

·     Pray and plead to God to wash your thoughts clean by His blood

·     Be watchful about what you think before sleeping

·     Get rid of imaginations that have sexual connotations

·     Always strive to keep your thought life clean (Philippians 4:8).

One thought on “GOD SPEAKS (Part 2):Dreams [2]

  1. Helpful blog to know the variation between dreams come from God and the one that drive through our own thoughts and demonic attacks through dreams…
    I went through confusion about the dreams which has no meaning and afraid about the dreams which has negative things….
    The only way to get out of these confusions is to cling on Jesus and trust his words…I had the experience of seeing scary things in dream whenever i slept after watching movies…so i tried to avoid seeing movies…i wonder that you mentioned it in this blog that watching movies affect our spiritual life…


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