Turn your Stumbling blocks into Stepping stones

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Abraham’s great-grandson Joseph, was very young when he received the wonderful promise of God concerning his life’s purpose. This was revealed to him in two different dreams with the same meaning. But he had to go a long way by enduring the hardships in the pit, in slavery, and in prison to reach his destined future.

But then, are all these sufferings really needed? Why God didn’t take him directly from his father’s lap to the palace? Is God not capable of making him a Prime Minister of Egypt without making him suffer?

We find the answer in Psalms 105:19 AMP. “Until the time that his word [of prophecy regarding Joseph’s future] came true,The word of the Lord tested and refined him”.

God tests us to prove but the enemy tempts us to fall.

The reason behind is-You must be tested & refined to be worthy of your calling and should be able to handle the exaltation when God takes you to heights. When God gives you promise, you need to come to an understanding immediately that your refining season has been started. We also see this in the life of David. He was anointed as king by Samuel approx at the age of 15. But officially he became king at the age of 30. He too had to undergo the wilderness experience of around 15 years.

Nevertheless, the comforting part is, God will not leave you alone in such painful purifying process. As He was with Joseph in all the stages , He will surely be with you. He sometimes will not protect you or show you a way to escape but He will take you through such hard paths in life.

For Joseph, his gift of interpretation of dreams was still in activation even in prison, it was not taken away when he suffered. The bible says everyone saw that the Lord was with him and so he found favour from the people around him.

Our trust is tested – Joseph was forsaken by his own brothers and forgotten by the cup bearer whom he helped in prison – in order to understand that God alone is worthy to be trusted.

Our loyalty and humbleness are tested – When he became head over Potiphar’s house, he didn’t take advantage of the leadership, but remained humble, loyal and wanted to be truthful in his position among the ungodly people.

We have to suffer for righteousness sake – Joseph must be overjoyed thinking that all his hardships had paid off when he was appointed as the head over Potiphar’s house. He never figured that the toughest situation was on his way. He was determined and ascertained to be holy in the utmost pressurized situation.

Our godliness is tested – Satan tried his maximum to make him fall into the sin of adultery but God changed it as a way of proving his godliness.

Love for God is tested– Joseph magnified God before Pharaoh (at the ripe of His promise) and this shows that he stayed connected with God in all ups and downs. He didn’t murmur or blame God for the battles he encountered.

Like Joseph, you too can turn all your stumbling blocks as stepping stones to attain your God’s predestined future.

Your struggles are not against other humans.

As long as you are connected with God in every mountains and valley no power in the world can stop the amazing plan of God in your life. Take heart. He will undoubtedly bring you through!

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