The first chapter of I Samuel begins with the story of a sorrowful woman,Hannah who was barren because God shut her womb.Once,her rival Peninnah provoked her,despised her to the extent that she could not be comforted even by her dear husband.So she arised to seek the presence of God for her petition to be heard.As a result,God remembered her,her prayer of vow , her heart of faith and gave her a son named Samuel .

A prayer in despondency produced a powerful man of God in the history of Bible. Samuel was the only minister of God apart from Jesus Christ who had 3 offices at the same time:prophet,priest and judge.

So,let’s consider the condition of Hannah in her despair and how she overcame. ‘Provoked,miserable,wept,did not eat,heart grieved,bitterness of soul,wept in anguish,sorrowful spirit,pouring out soul,abundance of complaint,grief,in her deep anguish, she prayed in her heart,only her lips moved and her voice was not heard ‘-these are the different words mentioned in chapter 1 alone that denotes different forms and outcomes of worries.

But in this pitiful state, the most important and wise decision she took transformed her life totally.”THE DECISION TO CALL UNTO GOD PERSONALLY”. She didn’t request Priest Eli to intercede for her(though it was not wrong) who was there in the temple of God while she prayed because she knew that only God could solve her problem and He is the only one who can understand her innermost feelings. She laid down her sorrows completely at His feet and freed herself by pouring out everything to God.After a sincere prayer,she was no longer a miserable woman but a woman of faith.How do we know that? The scripture says ‘her countenance was no longer sad’ because she cast her burden unto the Lord and trusted Him for a miracle.

This is the miracle of prayer: We sit down sobering,we rise up believing.

Prayer brings freedom in our soul & spirit in midst of difficulties even before we attain a solution. The burden of yoke breaks during prayer.

We may not face huge problem like her or even a smaller ones,but if we choose what Hannah chose, we surely can experience lot of breakthroughs in life. Even if the answer delays, the burden on the particular season will not seize us .

Moreover,Matthew 13 enumerates 3 dangers that destroys the word of God in us .Worry is one among them.So,is it sinful to worry?? How can I live without worrying when I face tough situations??

Hebrew 12 :1 says”.. let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

The weight or burden we carry is extremely dangerous that it has the power to stop our walk with God.It is a door for an enemy to make us weak,ineffective,unproductive,unwilling to fight and sadly as days pass by, the desire of seeking God slowly drifts away when we try to continue carry on by ourselves.

All we need to do is COMPEL OURSELVES to fall on the feet on God whenever we encounter struggles for HE is the sure rewarder of tearful prayer born out of contrite heart.LET’S FIGHT AGAINST ALL ODDS WITH GOD BY PREFERRING HIS PRESENCE AT THE FIRST PLACE .


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