Enoch was the 7th generation of man from Adam who walked with God for 300 years, from the age of 65 and was taken up to heaven alive when he was 365. Adam died at the age of 930 when Enoch was 208 years old. This shows that Adam was still alive when Enoch was walking with Jehovah. The first man, Adam knew God personally, heard His voice regularly and had an intimate fellowship with him before he sinned. But he brought curse upon him and every mankind because of his disobedience and consequently lost the sweet fellowship with the Creator.

However, Enoch chose to walk with God fulfilling the desires of the Lord in the place of Adam. Surely Adam would have shared his
bitter experience with his descendants of how he grieved God by transgressing His word. Enoch would also have had the knowledge of the consequences and God’s punishment because of the sins both Adam and Eve committed.

But instead of complaining or grumbling over their forefather’s sin or holding on to the feeling of rejection or being cast out from the former position, Enoch had a great passion towards God to attain and cherish fellowship which Adam once lost. We never read in the bible that Adam or eve came back to repent for their sins and hence failed in begging for God’s forgiveness. This non-regretful nature affected his son Cain. Abel turned to be the victim of the wicked brother Cain. Alas! he and his generation gained even more reprimand from God.

But Enoch unlike these people determined to please God by living a righteous life, walking closer with him, having a sweet fellowship with Him everyday . Hebrew 11:4 says ‘he had a testimony that he pleased God’.

Through his godly life, his generation were also blessed immensely. The son of Enoch, Methuselah lived the longest of all mankind in the whole world. And, the world we are living now was regenerated through his grandson Noah who also followed the footsteps of Enoch .

And he was one of the prophets who prophesied about God’s judgement, his wrath and punishment on the ungodly and about Jesus Christ’s second coming(Jude) long time before.

So, no matter what the legacy your forefathers left behind or no matter how your background is, how much ever stinking it shall be, it is possible to lead an exempted life before God and men by having an intimate relationship with Him. God’s heart does not move for the people who come to Him only for earthly requirements. He is searching for a sincere heart who can love Him without any expectations.                                                                                                                                                           

All the more, You are the chosen one in your generation who has been opted by Almighty to turn all your family curses into blessings and especially ‘a particular sin’ that has been chasing your family through all generations.Just surrender your life to God and start to walk with Him.God is able and mighty to make over your ordinary life into most influential and extraordinary like Enoch when you start stepping out with Him every day.

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