Lifestyle of Worship – Delighting the Father’s Heart

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Make God the utmost delight and pleasure of your life. Psalm 37:4 (TPT)

The Passion Translation refers to the heading of this Psalm as “A Song of Wisdom”. Let me explain why this is a wise counsel.

One of the places where King David seeks to delight God is by thinking about building a permanent temple for the Lord. We can find the scripture in 2 Samuel 7.

Delight means to greatly please someone.

Since my childhood, I’ve had the habit of doing things to please people, especially my parents. Somehow, I wanted them to feel that I am their favourite. Several years later when I was in the 5th – 6th grade, I applied that thing to my spiritual life. I volunteered to clean the church and would do it all alone because I thought that if someone joined me in cleaning then the blessing will also be shared. On one certain day when I was cleaning the church alone, suddenly I heard an amazing “Halleluiah” chorus. It was a very new melody (indescribable) and it was sounding like a huge choir singing. Till now, I haven’t heard something like that. That moment I thought someone is playing a prank with me. After several years, I understood that it was the sound of the multitude of angels singing Halleluiah. But I believe that day some kind of anointing fell upon my life, which I am able to experience now as I worship every time.

It is like King David saying, God, I will build your house, but the Lord responds to him saying that I will establish you, sustain you and keep my covenant not only with you but also with your descendants.

Somehow, my childhood habit hasn’t left me and I love to do things that I feel will please the Father’s heart. It could be as simple as smiling at someone or being kind to someone or singing songs about His greatness. I do these things knowing that Abba Father is pleased by my desire and my actions.

The verse then continues, saying that He will provide for you what you desire the most.

As you desire to live a life pleasing to Him, He will take delight in giving your heart’s desire. Hence, this Psalm is rightly said as a Song of Wisdom.

God has fulfilled many of my heart’s desire but I want to quickly share this one. I had a long time desire of being signed up with a record label so that I can produce many albums for Jesus. I was not skilled and young then and there was nothing as a Music Record Label in India back those days. After so many years God fulfilled this desire of mine by getting me signed up with Jaago Music and granting my heart’s desire of writing songs for the church and publishing it through Jaago Music. I am sincerely thankful to Jesus for granting this desire of my life.

I believe even as you are reading this article God will surely grant your desire as you delight yourself in him.

Lifestyle of Worship will always be driven by this deep desire to please God and delight ourselves in Him.

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